A time of digital, why you need a digital presence.

A time of digital, why you need a digital presence.-2

The term digital presence is quite new to some of us.

In fact, this term is rather new to me as well.

I’ve only managed to learn about it a few years back when I was attending a seminar on how to boost my profile on the web.

I could still remember 10 years ago when I was still studying at my university the term digital presence wasn’t really something to take note of.

That was pretty much the time when Facebook began to rise up and set a whole new trend called the social media platform.

I was one of the few communication students that were able to utilize the platform in order to conduct my assignments and projects.

But that was just about it, I just thought that the social media is good to send out events and updates for a group of people that is in proximity to you.

Digital presence for me that time wasn’t a concern at all.

All I could think of is just getting good grades and hopefully getting a good job that will help polish my resume.

But little did I think about it, 10 years later;

The having a digital presence is much more important than having a well-polished resume.

Don’t get me wrong, your resume is still very important.

However, having a digital presence topples that in today’s era.

I’m sure many of you will ask why would I say so?
Pretty sure many of us tried so hard to polish our resume and keep it updated hopefully someday it’ll be a good use for you should you need a change of job or expecting a promotion.

Like I’ve said, yes, the resume helps. But only if you’re aiming to work your whole life thinking that I’m fine working on this boundary; my comfort zone.

But if you’re someone that has this mindset of, “I need to learn more, step up my game and be better a greater in my career and I want people to notice me!” Please do read on.

If you’re a freelancer or a business owner, having a digital presence is essential.

A digital presence is like your online resume, but it’s more than that. It’s an identity of you on the world wide web itself. It’s pretty cool, right?

In today’s world, competition is so much greater and tougher compared to 10 years ago. That time, being hardworking is a trademark of success and great career future.

Today, hard work only brings you to a dead end if you’re not taking the right steps despite sacrificing all the time and effort to do what YOU THINK it right.

Source:  wearesocial.com

Above shows the usage of mobile connections at the beginning of the year 2017. Over 55% of users use smartphone connections in compared to standard mobile connections.

This shows how many people are able to access the internet from the palm of their hands.

And with the ability to hold so much information in one hand, one will normally choose and pick what kind of info they would want to visit.

Below is the top network demographics that is provided by tracx.com


As of the year 2017, there are 2.8 billion users using social media which is a half the percentage of people that has mobile access to the internet.

The number of users on social media platform is gradually increasing on a daily basis. And from the infographics, we can sum that most of the people that use these platforms are people that are in the bracket of 18-30 years old.

Everything is going to be digital, this term is becoming more and more realistic second by second. Most of the website just requires you to log in using your Facebook or Google account, these things have become an identity for the majority of us that are active on the web.

So as we approach the end of the year 2017 let’s ponder on this. Having a good digital presence is inevitable for us especially business owners and freelancers.

However, in order to create a good digital presence, you need a good profile and content.

So as the end of the year is just around the corner, let’s challenge ourselves by thinking about how to create a better and more meaningful profile for us in this digital age.

Flashy achievements no longer cut out as in a world of digital presence, we are competing with people all around the globe.

Hence, we all have to find our own niche, our own story to tell so that we can leave a deep imprint in the people’s mind as they go through our contents.


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