Creating a good sales pitch

Creating a good sales pitch

When it comes to sales pitch, these are the first few things you might think about,

“What kind of product are you selling?”

“Oh, here comes the cliche speech about why you need this.”

“Man, this is like the 5th person that approach me about this product.”

“Are you asking me to buy your products? Sorry, I don’t have the cash nor time to entertain you.”

I believe a majority of us has at least thought of these once when you were approached by a salesperson via telephone or face to face.

Sales is the ONLY action that leads to profit of a company.

I often hear my friends and my peers telling me that how much they resent doing sales. How much they hate needing to go out and ‘beg’ or ‘convince’ someone to buy purchase a product or service from the company they are working in.


Sales are the most important factor in any form of business. Sales are the ONLY action that leads to the profit of a company. This is a naked truth that many of us need to digest and accept.

Regardless of which company you work in or your own.

You either, sell your products, your services, or your brand. The conclusion is you sell a certain item or element from your company to the target audience outside to gain revenue for you to further on.

With that, we know that Sales is important. And in order to create a good sales performance a good sales pitch is needed.

So what makes a sales pitch good?

To begin with, let’s find out what is the meaning of sales pitch.
A sales pitch is a short form of presentation with compacted content to persuade or to convince the other party to purchase your product/brand/services. Normally these sessions last not more than 10 minutes. It’s meant to be short, precise and effective.

So in this 10 minutes how are you going to pitch in your best short speech and presentation to convince your client that they should choose you?

There are some key aspects that we should focus on while creating a good sales pitch.

It's not about you

1. It’s about them not you.
A sales pitch is always about what the clients need and not what we want to give. By providing the right content to the client they will more likely to speak out their minds.

So while preparing for a sales pitch remember to do a proper research about the clients. Figure out what do they need and from that angle prepare a pitch that suits their need.


2. Keep it short and simple!
It is important to deliver a pitch that is straight to the point. In my past experience dealing with clients, I found out that despite I’m given ample time to deliver my sales pitch people still find it hard to sit through the session.

Some sales pitch that I had encounter is boring and redundant. One thing that a client doesn’t like is when a salesperson is beating around the bush and repeating points just to make the presentation feels well prepared and compacted.

A pitch is a first impression and same time giving the client an impression that you don’t want to waste time beating around the bush. It’s straight towards, “what can I offer you, and what do you need from me.” With that, your content has to be short and simple. Finish up your pitch fast and clean and allow the clients to speak their concerns to you.

3. Do your homework!
Knowing what your clients needs and knowing how to prepare a good pitch is not good enough. There are many research works that still needs to be put in in order to provide the best impression to your clients.

There are a few additional things that should be done while preparing a sales pitch to provide an extra advantage

  • Prepare answers for all possible question that will be asked. This will help prevent you from having an awkward silence while trying to figure a reply to your potential clients.
  • Do a proper research and comparison of your product/brand/service with your competitors. It’s NEVER a good move to smear your competitors while pitching a sales pitch. But, it’s ALWAYS a good idea to do a study and research to compare what niche do you have to offer to give you a higher leverage.
  • Time your presentation. It is good that you’ve prepared some sort of speech and presentation. Now, time the whole thing make sure it doesn’t exceed the time limit. A good pitch would normally be 10 minutes tops. However, the optimum time would be between 7-8 minutes long this will give some space for your clients to ask the questions.

A sales pitch is not a monologue, it is a dialogue where the salesperson talk less and where the client talks more.

Visual Attracts-2

4. Provide good visuals or infographics
If a presentation is just full of text everyone will get bored or even frustrated. That is why adding in reliable visuals and infographics is good.

Nowadays, the attention span of an average person is so short thanks to the abundance of information flowing around our handheld device. It was recorded in the year 2015 an average attention span of a normal person is about 8 seconds only.

We are so used to colorful visuals, attractive graphs to keep our attention focused. Hence, while preparing a sales pitch it’ll be a wise move to utilize good visuals and infographics to hold the attention of your clients.


Piktochart is one infographics maker that I recommend to everyone. It is easy to use and you can try out the basic version for starters. It contains a well-equipped library of icons, word formats, color codes & templates for you to create the good infographics for your sales pitch.

5. Hear your clients out.
This is one of the parts that majority of the sales often fails to do. I remember during my first year as a sales executive, I did my homework and presented my pitch to the client with confidence. But as my client started to tell us his concern, all I did was just trying to think of a rebuttal in my mind on how to reply and convince him to purchase our products. At the end of the session, they weren’t impressed and I lost that contract.

A sales pitch doesn’t just end after the pitch, there is more to it. The success and failure of a sales pitch lies within whether you’ve heard your clients out clearly or not. So as your client speaks, listen to their questions and their concerns deeply before answering.

Stop using the autopilot to maneuver through the whole Q&A session. For instance, if the client keeps on repeating on the question of the durability of the product, find out why are they so concern with this particular issue and from that come out with a solution that caters particularly for them.

In conclusion, crafting a good sales pitch it’s more than just some words written on a paper. Sales are more than just a form of persuasion to win a client’s hearts. It requires proper research on the client and the market as well as a fine touch of creativity to hold their attention.

You can find out more on how to expand your writing skills and creative work by following my postings here.



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