You need a good title to attract readers! 5 example types of title format

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By Andrew Teoh

Today we live in a world that is filled with information. All types of content can be found on the internet especially which makes us pretty much overwhelmed. Every day I averagely scroll through at least over 100 content while doing my daily research and reading. But not all of the 100 content managed to catch my attention, the ones are I’d normally click in would be those which have titles that stir my interest.

Titles are important, they are the first impressions that are given to the audience.

We are creatures of curiosity, we tend to get attracted normally by things that stir our ‘I want to know what is that all about’ mind set. Hence, it is pretty normal only things that have an obvious contrast that’ll attract our attention.

Titles are so important, we can see it from the continuous growth in the SEO(Search Engine Optimization) field today. Everyone is fighting their way to think of a catchy title but yet is relevant to the majority searches on the web hoping to bump their websites or contents to the top search index page.

So, how should a good title look like?

There are several types of good title formats that professional content marketers use nowadays.

The ‘How many ways/facts’ title
These titles always indicated the number of facts and a statement to attract readers
Some of the examples are:
9 ingredients that make a good content
30 ways to dress your best
Ten Words Never, Ever To Use To Describe Yourself

The ‘Questioning’ title
Titles like this always stir and provoke the audience by asking a question on the title.
What makes a good content?
Which sort of car are you?

The ‘How to’ title
Titles like this tell you directly what are you looking for in the content. It’s good in you are trying to provide direct info to the audience.
How to make slime with glue
How to improve your techniques in writing?

The ‘News statement’ title
These titles are normally used by news broadcasters, journalist, or news bloggers to deliver topic that will stir the audience to want to know more about the story or content.
Titles such as:
Apple sues Samsung for 2bn as tech rival heads back to court 
Jihad Terrorism strikes again

The ‘Direct’ title
This kind of title is generic, it will just state what kind of content you have. When the audience sees this kind of title it helps them know what whether the content is the content they are looking for.
The KISS principle
Thinking out of the Box

These are just some kinds of title formats that are out there on the internet. There’s no best format of titles in creating a content. What matters is how your title will fit into your content. Along the way, people use a fusion of few formats to create a better and striking title.
Such as,
Working on your marketing content? 9 components to consider
Is Your writing good? Here are 7 ways you can tell

How you combine different techniques to create the most suitable title is up to your creativity. Always remember, there’s no fixed format when it comes to creative content. You have to go through trial and error to find out how your title helps to attract audiences to your content.

Creativity has no boundaries, when there’s a block it’s not because of the idea it’s because sof our mindset.


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