How to improve your techniques in writing?

How do I improve my writing?

By Andrew Teoh

Writing seems easy, all you need to do is prepare a piece of paper and pen/pencil and start writing or you can just power up your pc/laptop and start writing.

It seems as easy as that, but is that really that easy?

So might argue you need a good command of language, some might say you need good contents to write about, some might say your topic must be attractive. But what is the best way to improve your writing skills?

Well, there’s no such thing as ‘THE BEST’ way to write. Writing is a skill that requires practice and constant learning. You don’t just pick up writing is a course or a session and assume that you’re good to write any types of articles.

The good news is that writing can be improved and groomed over the course of time.

So here’s the question, how do we improve our techniques in writing?

Here are 4 simple ways to do so.

1. Read more
I dare say that this way is the easiest and the most direct way to grow and expand your writing skills. Reading different kinds of books will help you to learn different approach of writing.

Yes, every writer has their own signature style, you can have yours as well. However, you’ll still need to know techniques like how certain methods of the narrative is being done by those famous authors. Reading more helps you to refine your skill in writing definitely. Styles are personal but skills to deliver the style is a must to learn.

Besides that, reading expands your knowledge on every aspect. For instance, you want to write something fictional, then reading books that are fictional will help you grasp the idea on how to deliver a fiction genre novel or content. And of course, reading will definitely help us to strengthen our grammar and vocabulary library and as we write there’ll be a wider field of words to help make your content interesting.

2. Write more
It is pretty direct, isn’t it?

First you need to read more, and secondly, you need to write even more. Writing is a skill that is harness through practice over the course of time. It doesn’t matter what kind of writing you may want to do, just write.

The easiest way is to start writing a journal of your own, as you write will slowly improve and get a rough idea of what would your writing style be, it’ll help you to further refine your writing skills.

If you want to improve more and you’re open up to criticism and comments, you can start writing a blog as well. Any topic will do, take it as a practice platform where you can share your work with your friends and perhaps readers from outside. It is always good to get comments from other readers as the purpose of writing is for people to read it. So opening up to some of their advice will certainly help in developing a better writing skill set for you over time.

3. Be open-minded
When it comes to improving your writing skill, one must be open to all kinds of opinions and comments. Always have this in mind, you might have your style of writing, but it’ll be pointless if no one wants to read the content you’ve written despite the effort you take to create it.

Always get a second pair of eyes to help you with your writing. Whenever I write an article, I’d always get a second opinion from my team or my friends. This is the help gauge the effectiveness of my content. If most of them are bored half way through, I’ll have to sit back down and re-think how should I refine the content to make it more interesting.

Always remember!


Be open to constructive opinions, and continue to practice to refine your skills.

4. Make use of technology
Yes, you heard me. With the advancement of technology, anyone can learn to write. There are tons to source out there teaching us how to refine our writing skills and there are even apps that help us to correct our (occasionally)  mistakes in grammar, spelling or punctuation.

One of my all time favorite software to use is Grammarly. I might be quite experienced in writing, but from time to time I’ll still make small mistakes like a spelling error, or my most common mistake, punctuation. With Grammarly, it helps to detect my errors in my content and it’ll recommend me how to I correct it. Some people might think it’s a tool that’ll make your command of language is weak, but for me, it helps to refine my writing skills. As I discover my mistakes, I’ll be more aware of it the next time I write and along the time this mistake of mine eventually lessens.

Give it a try, it’ll really help in improving your writing quality.

Writing not just a merely a skill, it is something that is more than that. A medium to tell a story, to provide information, to share an experience and much more. There’s no end road in learning and refining our writing skills, it’s a constant process of trial and error and improvision. It doesn’t stay stagnant, rather it evolves over the course of time according to the writers’ experiences.

Writing is not just a skill, it’s a form of art.


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