Thinking out of the Box

Outside_BoxI know right!? It’s easier said than done. Whenever I share this to my creative team, they’ll just give me a cold stare. Then again it’s tough because we are still trapped inside the box.

When it comes to thinking out of the box, I really meant OUTSIDE OF THE BOX. Unorthodox, unrestrained and ridiculous ideas make a good content. Look at the ads in some of the top brands in the world, Google, Apple, McDonald’s, Coca cola, all of their ad contents share a similar thing which is something that we never thought can be done.

Many time as we try to ‘think out of the box’ we are still somehow stuck within the premise of the box. But fear not, it is not as hard as you think it is. There’s an article on Forbes that talks about

There’s an article on Forbes that talks about the key step to identify your box and step out of it.

For a content to be unique and one of its kind you’ll first need to;

1. Identify your box

Kowing your own box, what does it consist? How big is your current box?

2. Define your box

The box that you’re currently in is it stretchable? Flexible? or rigid?

3. Knowing your own biases and belief system

What does your belief system look like? Are you in anyway affected by certain circumstances while you make your choices in creating your content? Do our biases steer the whole thinking process instead of leaving it to an open minded discussion?

4. Collapsing your own box

Once you’ve done accessing your box, it is time for you to tear down those walls in order to create something that is much more bigger and greater. Thus increasing your flexibility in the thinking process.

Stepping out of the box isn’t the easiest task to be done as our belief system are already deeply rooted since our young age. Our life experiences since the young age, the things we see, listen to, encountered will set a certain bias when we try to brainstorm a new idea. Those bias will set a limitation on our creative mind and thus make the idea less unique and perhaps even common.

Hence, it is important we know how to define our box and in the process learn how to UNLEARN those mindsets that will further hinder our thinking process while creating a creative content.

There are companies out there that are stuck due to the limitation in their perspective and view towards the market. One good example is Nokia, Nokia was one of the leading phone brands before the revolutionary of smart phone era. One of the reasons that Nokia fell out from the horse race is due to its perspective on how the smartphone market will go. Instead of adapting and innovating to compete with their new competitors they help back and continue to do things in their own way. I’m not saying that it’s a wrong move but a plan without new innovation will most likely get left behind from the race.

To stand out, and to take lead in the market. we have to be innovation and we have to THINK OUT OF THE BOX.

Nothing is too crazy if you want to be unique and stand out from the crowd. And yes, creating a unique content might be a huge risk to take but those who prevail will often be remembered for the longest possible time. So break all chains and let loose.



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